Registration & Payment

Registration & Payment

• The Afterschool Classes run Monday to Friday, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.
• AVA operates on a Trimester Schedule during the school year; i.e., there are Fall, Winter, and Spring Classes.
• Trimesters:
**Fall Trimester: Thursday, September 7th to Friday, December 22nd.
**Winter Trimester: Monday, January 2nd to Friday, March 23rd.
**Spring Trimester: Monday, March 26th to Friday, June 22nd.
• For Registration/Cancellation of a Class, at least 24 hours of advanced-notice is needed.

• It is best to prepay for each Trimester. Fall: 14 weeks, Winter: 11 weeks; Spring: 16 weeks.

• One can also ‘pay-as-you-go’. Each two-hour class is $45.00.
• Payment may be made either by cash or check or Chase QuickPay, or Venmo. If paying by check, please issue it to: ‘Apple Village Arts, Inc.’.

Online Payments:  **You may use Chase QuickPay or Venmo. Please send payments to: Apple Village Arts, Inc.  **If  you are not yet enrolled in Chase QuickPay, and you are a Chase Bank account holder, please click here.

**Fall Trimester: TBD (14 classes), $620
**Winter Trimester: TBD (11 classes), $485
**Spring Trimester: TBD (16 classes), $710  [NB:  There are 14 Monday Classes @ $620; 13 Thursday Classes @ $575.]

Registration Forms.  You may download AVA forms by clicking on these links:

  1. AVA Pupil Registration Form
  2. AVA Waiver Form

Please contact Jeanne LaVallee for booking a Class:

Contact Apple Village Arts

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