Afterschool Classes

After-School Classes

Childrens Afterschool Classes


Weekday afternoons M-F,
from 3.00-5.00 PM


516 E. 11th St, btwn Aves A & B,
East Village, NY 10009

How Much?

$50 / class (w/24hr advanced notice)
Ten (10)-class card, $495

Course Description:


Students will learn the basic techniques for drawing , including the techniques of line, shading and texture. The three genres of drawing – gesture, contour and model – will be introduced and practiced in black and white media including pencil, pen and charcoal. During each session students will be assigned several timed drawings as well as one ‘day project’ drawing. The subjects for our work will be the trees, plants, flowers and people of our surroundings. Our lessons will be directed toward the completion of a final project of his/her choice. Students will assemble a portfolio. Occasionally, Children will draw outdoors on fair weather days (seasonal).

Tempera and watercolor paints will be used to practice color mixing, as well as landscape, portraiture, still life, and abstract methods. Instruction in Basic Design and Composition is woven into each lesson.

Children will practice the basics of design by cutting and pasting shapes from colored paper and magazine images onto drawing paper.

***The subjects for our work will be the people, trees, plants, flowers, structures of our surroundings. We will also draw subject matter from personal experiences, as well as from imagination, dreams and from world mythologies.
***Students will assemble a portfolio, and then select two pieces to be shown in our annual “Hellooo, Hallowe’en!” Show and “Welcome, Spring!” Art Exhibitions.


Information for Parents/Guardians:


– Please pack a substantial SNACK for your child on class days. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

– Pick up is offered each class day from the East Village Community School and Childrens’ Workshop School at Dismissal time.

– Payment may be made either by cash, check, or online using Chase QuickPay or Venmo

– Please make sure to bring the SUPPLIES on the first day of class, or soon thereafter, as listed on the Materials List.  NB:  Donations of art supplies are greatly appreciated, and are tax-deductible.  AVA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 company.

– Museum Trips are scheduled, as guided by class interest.

– AVA has offered Studio Art instruction since the Spring of 2010.

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